incredible assesStepping back into the choir room that Monday morning was harder than Hilly had imagined. She was no longer the little wallflower she'd been on Friday and the glances she got had a weight of judgement in them she'd never felt before. Her first impulse was to run over to greet Ben, but that felt like hiding in a way. Instead she stepped more confidently than she felt toward her section where Kaylee and Bailey were holding court. "Morning," Hilly said brightly as she joined the group and put her book bag under her chair. The choir room was a shallow semi-circle of rising rows with walkways between each voice section. Because of her short stature she sat on the front row. A circle of other sopranos were standing around Kaylee except for Madison, Ashley, and a few others chatting quietly on the back row. "My mother nearly put me in rehab because of you," Kaylee growled. Madison and Ashley both frowned at her when she spoke. The comment was so odd and unexpected that Hilly didn't know what to say at first. The other sopranos were watching her like a circle of buzzards. "That's funny," she said as her brain started working again. "I don't remember buying you anything to drink." "If you hadn't butted in I'd have scored with that hunk, but now I'm gonna be grounded for a month," Kaylee scowled. "Next time mind your own business." "You mean the guy who's in jail right now for drugging and trying to rape you?" Hilly felt like reality had slipped sideways overnight. "I was just a little drunk," Hilly hissed. "It's not like I've never had sex drunk before. But what would a little prick tease like you know about that anyway?" "Wow," Hilly said as she raised her hands in defeat. "Egypt must be nice this time of year." "What the fuck are you talking about?" Kaylee demanded. "You are swimming in denial," Hilly said as she backed up. A few of the others chuckled, but looked away when Kaylee scowled at them. erotic perfection Hilly couldn't resist one last dig. "I've got to go say hi to my boyfriend before the bell rings." She approached the tenor section where Ben and a red-faced Nathan were having a tense, whispered conversation. When Hilly arrived, they both stopped to look at her. It was odd, but they both had the same kind of thunderstruck expression. "What?" she said and looked down at herself. Her knee-length skirt was straight and her blouse was tucked in and buttoned. The loose hair she could see around her face and shoulders didn't seem too frizzy yet. She looked up to ask if she had something in her teeth. "Nothing," Ben whispered as he stepped closer to kiss her cheek. "You look really pretty, that's all." "Thanks." Hilly had raided her mother's closet for a skirt and spent some extra time on her hair and makeup, but didn't think she looked that different. The compliment and the way they both reacted warmed her core, but not enough to save Nathan from her wrath. "So how long did you wait to tell Shane?" she growled at him. At least Nathan had the decency to blush and look away. Ben looked back at him with a serious frown. "What the fuck did you say to her brother?" Nathan's jaws clenched as he stubbornly refused to say a word. "He told Shane about us... dating," Hilly said for him. "I had to threaten Shane to keep his mouth shut last night." "Dude, seriously?" Ben demanded. "I know what I heard at the hotel," he whispered as he leaned between them. "Jeez, you two went at it for hours and I—" "You don't know anything," Ben hissed while Hilly's stomach twisted at the implication of his words. "So I'd better never hear you say another word about it." "She's too young for you," Nathan exclaimed like Hilly wasn't standing there. "What if I'd screwed your sister Marybeth like that her first time? She's only a year younger than Hilly!" The bell rang, stopping their conversation, but Hilly could see in Ben's eyes that it was far from over. "We're finishing this later," Ben promised as he stabbed a finger in Nathan's chest. Hilly rejoined her section and did her best to pay attention during rehearsal. Nathan seemed fixated on her and Ben being together. She tried to write it off as simple jealousy, but there seemed to be more to it, almost like an obsession. She couldn't sit next to Madison in choir because of their height difference, but she did smile back at her and Ashley sitting next to each other on the back row. Madison winked to let Hilly know she'd noticed. As soon as the bell rang to indicate the end of class, Madison came down while Hilly was still putting her music folder away. "What a bitch," Madison said with a nod toward Kaylee. "You saved her ass and she comes back at you like that?" Hilly shrugged it off. "I'll know better next time." Madison leaned in and whispered, "Ashley wants to sit with us and Ben at lunch. Is that okay?" "Of course," Hilly grinned. "Thanks," Madison said as she twirled away. "See you at lunch!" When Hilly left the choir room for algebra, Ben stepped up to walk next to her down the hallway. "Sorry about that shit with Nathan," he muttered to her. "I made it clear he needs to butt out and mind his own business." "I'm worried. Why is he so fixated on this? I mean, I get he's jealous, but it seems like something else is going on with him." "Before you came up he basically accused me of forcing you," Nathan said. They stopped when they needed to head different directions. Hilly stood on her tiptoes to whisper in Ben's ear, "Did you mention I had my finger in your ass and threatened to fuck you with it unless you told me where you hid the condoms?" "Uh..." Ben blushed a bright pink and suppressed his grin. "No." "Good. Think about me today." When she finally kissed his cheek, she casually let the back of her hand brush against the front of his jeans. "I'll be thinking about you." "You're driving me crazy," he said as he shut his eyes and pushed into her hand. "I believe that's my job as your girlfriend," she laughed as she backed away to head down the hallway to her class. Hilly's algebra teacher continued to confuse her as she struggled with the difference between terms, expressions, and equations. At times it seemed like everything almost made sense, then it slipped from her mental grasp like sand through her fingers. Following the examples in the textbook got her to the answer, but she couldn't apply the methods to the problems she was assigned. And when she asked questions, the teacher just repeated what already didn't make sense until she wanted to pull her hair out. Hopefully Ben could translate mathematics to English for her when he came over on Tuesday. When the bell rang for lunch, Hilly stopped by her locker to swap out her morning books for afternoon set. The cafeteria was already a noisy riot when she got in line for the salad bar. After filling a plate with her modest lunch, she scanned the room for Madison. "Hilly! Over here," Madison called from one of the circular tables at the edge of the room. After making her way through the crowd she arrived at the same time as Ben to find Madison and Ashley already eating their lunches. "Thanks for saving me a seat." "Hey," Ben said to the three girls before sitting next to Hilly. Hilly noticed Ashley kept her head down to focus on her food. Seeing her and Madison together made her momentarily imagine them kissing until she pushed the mental image away with a suppressed smile. It was definitely going to take some time for her to adjust to knowing her best friend was gay. "So my dad had an idea I wanted to run past you guys," Hilly said as she stabbed her rabbit food. "Shoot," Madison said. "I need to earn some money and don't have time for a job. Dad thought I could talk to my sensei about doing a personal safety class at my dojo. Not like a typical martial arts program. This would be a series of classes on how to get out of bad situations without getting hurt." Ben nodded. "Makes sense. You've got the training and people are buzzin' about what you did." "I'd sign up for it," Ashley said as she moved the food around her plate. "I mean, I'm not exactly coordinated but I want to be able to protect myself especially after what happened this weekend." "Then you've got two," Madison said. "When Mom heard about what happened she asked if I could take classes like you." "I'll be your punching bag," Ben laughed. "Is the class gonna be just for women?" Ashley asked as her eyebrows drew together. "Guys get jumped, too." "I don't see any reason we have to limit it," Hilly admitted with a shrug, then looked at Ben. "Would you really want to do it?" "I've never done martial arts before, but I'd give it a try." The sly grin on his face said he had other things in mind. "Good! Then I'll ask Will tonight." Hilly grinned at her friends. "So how was algebra?" Ben asked after a moment. "I'm glad you're gonna tutor me," she said with a serious expression. "I'm getting further behind with every class. It just doesn't make sense to me the way Mr. Heckert explains it." "Oh, God, I had him," Ashley said. "I swear I never got it until I found this guy on the Internet who had videos explaining why algebra worked the way it did. I can't just memorize formulas, my brain doesn't work that way. If I can find the links again I'll send them to you." "Thanks," Hilly said with a growing smile. Ashley gave her a half-grin back that seemed to acknowledge a first step toward friendship. Madison hadn't missed the exchange from the twinkle in her eye. "Cool," Ben said and nodded. "In the mean time, I can drive you home tomorrow after school so we can hit the books early if you want. You too, Madison, since you just live around the corner." "That's sweet, but I've got to stay for a student council meeting. Ashley said she'd give me a lift home," Madison said. Hilly kept her eyes on her plate as her mind whirred. She regularly beat her brothers home from school when she rode the bus because they were both on mpl masha the soccer team. Ben would be able to save her thirty minutes if he drove her home right after school let out. Suddenly the idea of him tutoring her took on a new dimension. She'd have to pick up some condoms, but there was a drug store across from the dojo. It wouldn't take long to dash over and pick some up before classes that evening. When Ben poked her she realized she hadn't been paying attention for a while. "What?" she asked as her three friends were staring at her. Madison kicked Hilly gently under the table. "Dad finally fixed our pool pump and I invited y'all over to swim this weekend, but if you're too busy..." "No, that would rock!" It was finally warm enough to go swimming again and Hilly had been dying to get back into Madison's pool. She looked at Ben. "Can you come over, too?" "Yup," Ben grinned. "Of course, I already said that. And so did Ashley." "Sorry, I just had an idea and got carried away." The bell rang to indicate the end of lunch. "Okay, I'll talk to Will tonight and let you guys know tomorrow about the class!" Ben leaned in to kiss her on the lips before she got up and the thrill of being kissed in public warmed her through. It wasn't a peck but it wasn't like the greedy kisses they'd given each other all weekend. It reminded her of the kind of kisses her parents shared when they were going to be away from each other for a while. Ben broke it off with them grinning into each other's eyes. "Oh, get a room," Ashley complained with a smirk. Madison had a blank look on her face, but then Hilly caught Ashley reaching for Madison's hand under the table. Good, she thought. Maddy deserves to feel this happy, too. After school, Hilly took the bus home and changed into her martial arts uniform, called a gi. She wore a sporty panty and bra set under the black pants and loose, belted top. The only thing she didn't like about it was the lack of pockets. Tying on a black belt still felt strange after a years of working so hard to earn the privilege of wearing it. Her oldest brother, Charles, drove her and Shane to the dojo to lead the Monday night beginner classes. Charles and Shane already had their black belts and part of the responsibility of the higher ranks was to help train other, lower ranked students. Her sensei, Will, had always directed the classes Hilly helped with, but her new rank allowed her to lead on her own classes, albeit under his supervision. She hoped that would extend to the idea of offering a personal safety class. When they arrived, she went straight to the office. Her sensei was a good friend of their father since before they were born. He had gray brown hair cropped close to his head, but his skin was wrinkled by too much sun rather than age. Despite his intimidating size and commanding presence, his face lit up when he saw Hilly come in. "There's the fighter of the hour! Frank told me what happened this weekend." "Yeah, I still can't believe it actually worked." Hilly panicked for a moment when she realized that she just insulted the man who'd trained her. "I mean, part of me always knew it would, but when he went down just like the drills—" Will's chuckle interrupted her. "I know, I know. The first time I had to fight for real I was so worried it wouldn't work I accidentally put the guy in the hospital with broken ribs. Sadly, we all eventually have to learn to trust our training." Hilly had been drilled from the first class that martial training carried a responsibility. She vowed each week as part of their classes to never attack first, but to always be willing to defend others from harm. It would be nice if her training was just about fitness and fun, but that wasn't the world they lived in. "I wanted to talk about that," Hilly said as she sat in the chair across from his desk. "Training, that is." He looked at her with his eyebrows raised to indicate he was listening and nodded for her to continue. "I'd like to offer a personal safety class to train people to recognize those kinds of situations and help avoid them. Seeing Kaylee being drugged was so subtle I almost wrote it off as her just getting a little tipsy." "What are you thinking?" Will asked as he leaned forward to rest his elbows on his desk. "I'll put together a six-week curriculum and advertise at my school. I could have the classes here, maybe on the weekends when you're not so bus, and split the profit with you fifty-fifty." "I'll need to see your plan before I say yes, but I think that's fair. In fact, I've been thinking about hiring you and your brothers as staff anyway. You all work hard enough to earn it and help me more than you should, even considering your rank." "Wow," Hilly said as her eyebrows shot up. "That would be... amazing!" "Put together a few pages describing what you want to focus on. I know there are some people with class materials posted online you can use as resources." "I'll do it tonight after I finish my homework. Thanks, Will." She got up and bowed to show courtesy before leaving his office. While her brothers were busy getting the young kids organized, Hilly dashed out the front door to head across the street to the drug store. She didn't bring a purse, but she had a couple of twenty dollar bills tucked in her waistband. The store was pretty empty, so no one saw her duck down the aisle with the baby food and diapers. Ironically, she found the display with sexual aids and condoms at the end of that row, almost as a reminder of what was at stake if she messed up and got pregnant. The variety of condoms were a little intimidating. She saw a few brands she recognized from advertisements, but there were also unusual condoms with features like ribs for enhanced pleasure and even flavors. She'd found the same type she and Ben had used over the weekend before she realized she had a problem. While she could afford to buy pack of twenty-four, she had nowhere to hide them until she got home. After picking up a small pack of three, like Ben had on the trip, something on the top shelf caught her eye. The picture on the small box looked like a small purple egg with rubber bumps all around it. It was called the Violet Vibrating Bullet. She licked her lips as she got the box down. She had enough money for both the three-pack of condoms and the toy. When she looked up to the young woman working at the register, she got a wicked idea of where to hide them from her brothers. The mpl masha employee had a bored expression as she ran both items past the sensor, but then looked up at Hilly with raised eyebrows. "You know how to use these, right?" Hilly's face heated as she dug the money out of her waistband. "Yes." "Just make sure he's still got it on when he goes off," she said and patted her stomach to make the point. That was when Hilly noticed her baby bump. "I knew I should've gotten a fuckin' IUD," she muttered as she stuffed her items in a bag. "Never trust the guy to keep you safe." She was shocked by the frank conversation, but talking to a stranger made her feel brave. "Are IUDs expensive?" Hilly asked as she took the bag. "Cheaper than a baby," the girl laughed. "At the free clinic it depends on how much you earn or what kind of insurance you have. Check on the Internet." Hilly thanked her and left the store, stuffing the bag inside the top of her gi. She made it back inside the dojo without being missed, then headed straight to the restroom. When she got out she had a smile on her face. Every movement made the strip of three condoms tickle the hair in her panties, but it was the violet egg nestled between her lower lips that really made it hard to concentrate. She trained her class without any issues since she mostly walked around the students to call out moves, count their reps, or correct their positions. Her own class required her to make adjustments occasionally to keep the items from slipping out of her panties, but no one noticed. One side-effect she hadn't considered was her arousal even though the toy was still. At first the egg stayed put from the friction between her skin and panties, but as her arousal grew she felt it slipping around in the most interesting ways. At one point she thought it slipped up inside and had to go to the restroom to move it back. When she got home, she begged off dinner so she could start on her homework. Then she locked her bedroom door and immediately stripped down to hide the condoms in the bottom drawer of her night stand. She hadn't turned the vibrator on yet, so after double checking her door was locked she sat up in bed with her knees open to play. The little egg was rubber around a hard plastic core. The battery was sealed behind a door that doubled as a switch that made it vibrate with a simple twist. The hair on her mons was slicked with the evidence of amelie mpl studio studios her arousal and her clit was swollen after rubbing against the foreign object for the last couple of hours. The craving for release was almost as strong as it had been with Ben over the weekend. She twisted the base and felt the bullet buzz in her hands. When she brought it into contact with her swollen nub, she jumped at the sensation. It was too much to take directly, so she moved it up to rest against the skin that usually covered it. The sensation warmed her core and sent tingling jolts up her stomach and down her arms and legs. Moving it in slow circles, Hilly shut her eyes and leaned back against the headboard. When she focused on the feelings they grew much stronger, so she kept the toy where it was and began to rub the fingers of her other hand between her lips and around her opening. Slipping two fingers inside, she sought that deep spot that Ben had found so easily but seemed to elude her. "Oh my god," she murmured as the feeling expanded out from her center to make her toes curl into her sheets. Still too sensitive for direct stimulation, she moved the egg down to her opening to press it in and up. The feeling was like the moment Ben had entered her, but adding the buzzy sensation made her gasp out loud. With the edge of her opening filled with the small egg, her fingers began to dance around her lips and clit, spreading her slick arousal around as her hips rocked. She had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. With her inner muscles, she repeatedly pushed the bullet out while her fingers slid it back in. The rising crest carried her closer until she quivered with an open mouth, her eyes squeezed shut. Crashing into her orgasm, her rocking hips thrust against the intrusion while her legs jerked and trembled. With only a strangled moan, she removed the egg as it passed, rubbing herself even as her legs closed around her fingers. It was both too much and not enough at the same time. She opened her eyes again as she panted, then turned off the vibrator as she brought the bumpy purple toy to her lips to kiss it. "I love you," she whispered. "How did I ever live without you?" She rocked on her back with a satisfied grin on her face, then licked her little bullet clean. "Oh, Ben and I are gonna have so much fun with you." She rolled over and grabbed her phone to share it all with